The Great Dixter Sessions: The Garden in Winter

If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of Great Dixter’s symposiums, take it! Great Dixter is the home of the late Christopher Lloyd, who through his writings brought vibrant, expressive color, texture and adventure into gardens all over the world. The most special example was his own. Fergus Garrett, Mr. Lloyd’s head gardener, now carries on that legacy in his own unique way.  Great Dixter continues to inspire, amaze, delight and educate visitors. The symposium was a week-long immersion into horticultural life at the manor, conducted by Mr. Garrett, a charming man in his own right.  He generously shared so much of his knowledgeable. Of course I chose the symposium with an emphasis on pruning. So what if it was the middle of winter?  The lovely people carrying on the work at Great Dixter provided all the warmth.