General Pruning

The frequency of our visits will depend on a client's desire for a well-maintained garden.  Our team will ideally visit once or twice per year to maintain a garden’s integrity. Some clients are even on a two-year cycle if a more “woolly” look is preferred. Roses, however, require more frequent pruning.


Why would we advise a regular pruning service?  Well, let's start with the healthy shrub.  It was planted some years ago and has now become unruly, untidy or just too big. Years of  shearing have created a hollow shell or it has been damaged by the weather or attacked by pests.

Good pruning can help solve these problems.

With regular pruning we can also help you to keep structure in a natural garden or maintain the lines of a more formal garden. We can create artful specimens or just take care of an individual shrub or tree.


Artistic Pruning

Artistic pruning is about transferring a design into a living plant, shrub or tree. It is like sculpture or architecture with growing, natural elements. A pruned espalier can be an artistic form framed by a wall.  A pollarded tree can be like sculpture in front of a house.  A pleached hedge can function as decorative framework. Add a topiary to the evergreen collection and it becomes an attractive element that, even in winter, adds interest to your garden.


Ask us about these artistic techniques. We are happy to provide you with ideas, or to help you realize your own ideas and fantasies.